People are engaged with audio and visual surroundings that allow a clairvoyant connection.

The realized vision before the balance reality in their mind.


The apex of the intuitive nature of humanity is observed through the balance of magnetic interferences and balances that allow the precognition abilities attained in an environment that allows the absence of space and time. This intuitive perception is achieved in this gateway structure by letting oneself in through the obstacles of daily. This life like trans is the setting of spiritual and holistic elements that allow for a meditative state of being while immersed in the chaos around.

This image depicts the impulsive rage one feels in the view through the spectator.

With this image the traveler is seen calmed and collected when energies and thoughts are filtered and expelled to achieve a pleasant ride.


An impersonal perspective into the personal angst, rage, disgust, compassion and overall strife one faces in the monotony of daily travel to work.  The work faces the complexities of the human mind in an attempt to remain sane and composed in the array of human nature and the lifestyle that bring us together in the daily rituals of travel.  These self-contemplating realms are examined by the comatose behavior one utilizes when exposed to the human jungle of humanity.

A collage of the icons of humanity past and present and the emotions they create through their memories of music, art literature and selfless acts of their humanity.

The installation is a white tree that roots out the icons of humanity with the creation of life and the duality of death also abstractly conveyed through a mushroom cloud of destruction and never-ending creation of the spirit of a human being.


The tree of life a festival of the human experience and evolutionary state of mind in the cycle of humanity and the generations that established that which binds us together as humanity.  The festival explores the human nature as it branches out into the emotions of memory. love loss and the familial relationships we relate to in an existing circle of life through generations past present and future.

The rising of the wealthy elite.  A documentation of the city landscape being transformed with new buildings and sky scrapers in the gentrification assault on the working class.

The erasing of true character and cultural identity of the Los Angeles neighborhoods.


This work is in protest of the gentrification of the suburbs and the inner cities that are overwhelmed by the city planners that are in the pockets of the rich corporations and the banking elite. It examines the never-ending cycle of isolating, depleting and neglecting minority neighborhoods in an attempt to lower the value of the land for future value. The work reveals the inequity of social living condition compose by systematic racism and the overall core and goals of the banking elite and its constituents whose planning and efforts always have an underline priority for profit.

The ancient and classic interpretation of womanhood.

A microscopic scale and view of the essence female form.


A perspective of the nude within the sensuality of shapes and curves that enhance the natural beauty and elegance of the human form.

This work looks at the monotony of war, conquest and the colonization attempt to rule the world in the name of profit.

This piece is insight to the total disregard to all life.  A message we continue to hear generation after generation.


The show is a protest against the nuclear arms race and its pollution of the world for thousands of years to come.  The work approaches the nuclear bullies of the world and their power to dominate a world in disorder.  It examines the direction of the planet’s destruction and the quest for war to disregard the human race in misery.  This duality is themed in a utopian end game to unravel the end of misery and a frontier of goodness towards human kind and the planet.